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〝Good clothing to ward off medicines〟


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Fula R and commodity. When we think of well-being, we might put too much importance only on “food”. We sure need “food, clothing and shelter”. Let’s pay a little more attention to cotton which is the material of clothing that can be medicinal.

We were away from home for one month. In the Philippines, we rented total 5 houses and apartments due to inconvenience or safety concerns that one was located farther away from town or no mosquito net installed on windows and confusion on key handover. Having said that, each place had its merits and demerits. No single place stood out to be remarkably good or bad. After all, as someone said long time ago “home is where you make it”. Besides, we were a pair of transients, so tried not to be too critical.

Came back to our home, our own kitchen appeared dirty! Who were we to judge someone elses’ moderately maintained house so bluntly! Wasted no time and started to clean using used Fula R and baking soda. Baking soda is economical and readily available at any supermarket in Japan or elsewhere. Look in cleaning section or confectionery. Dust the sink, rack, pot and kettle with baking soda, spray water lightly and wait for 20 minutes. Wipe off using 1/4 piece of used Fula R towel (Fulasora 4). Everything is shiny!

We are two people in our family. Each month, 2 pieces of Fula R towels finish the role of cleaning aid in our shower room. (No, you do not need soap, body shampoo or shampoo to make your body clean as long as you use Fula R towel.) By using the used Fula R towel, you do not need any detergent to get rid of oiliness or tea stains when dishwashing.

You do not want to work hard to make things shine and clean. That may be why some people use chemicals in the kitchen. But no more chemicals needed. Neither need you worry about rough hands, transdermal toxins from chemicals or where your household wastewater is released into and how it is going to affect the ocean and marine life.

Fula R toweling, if used as pajamas and bedsheets, help us detox. When it does, you see discoloration, threads getting smaller and pilling. That is when we know certain amount of toxins leave our body. At home, it is Autumn in November, we take out three year old Fula R pajamas. They appeared to have worked already on detoxing our bodies. See what I mean? The clothing can be medicinal.

Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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