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〝Who said it is too late?〟

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I met someone for a drink in Puerto Galera, Philippines. We haven’t seen each other for one and half years. She appeared to be so troubled by something. I offered the oracle card reading by showing my oracle card decks. “It may be too late at this stage. Hahaha” said she. She was 65 years old. It was her who decided it was too late at the age Colonel Sanders decided otherwise.

Colonel Sanders sure is the founder of KFC. He learnt about the city’s plan to build the highway over his cafe serving fried chicken. He knew no one would come to his cafe once the construction was completed. At the age of 65, he started to sell his recipe and travel around the worl. Now, KFC is the very large franchise known by everyone worldwide.

Where the sentiments of “it may be too late” come from? The woman who said so appeared obviously frustrated at the status quo, why did she not try?

You have a dream like I do. Yet, some of us may be too controlling like “I want this but I don’t want that”. What you don’t want is blocking you to achieve your dream.

You want a boyfriend, but you don’t want to tell him so.
You want a kind boyfriend, but you don’t want an indecisive man.
You want to be the number 1 in a team but not the responsibility of a leader.
You want the authority of a leader without any actual work.

Talk to your mentor who is already living the dream or an expert to find out “what you don’t want” controls you. For example, a sales person secretly resents the boss and does not do anything which can contribute for the boss’s appraisal.

I asked today which Kinesi-Aroma can help. I got Venus Abundance.
“Your presence is the energy to heal the Earth. Wake up. Fairies are looking and waiting for you to wake up”.

Click to read the poem of the aroma oil in Japanese 

    You start to get old at the moment you think “it may be too late”. When Colonel Sanders decided to sell his recipe, it was not for his benefit alone. I believe he wished well for those who fried chickens for his cafe and friends even after the highway was built.

    Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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