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HSK kinesiology

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HSK Kinesiology. Seed of psychological stress.
You might know something dark is inside your mind.
You might know that you are repeating the same old pattern unwittingly, or dealing with same sort of issues again and again.

If you are aware of those “pattern”, you can ask your body for breakthrough solution by using HSK Kinesiology. Through the balancing exercise, your personal solution is coming to you as if you received the epiphany. You just have to sniff Kinesi-Aroma and listening or reading the metaphor corresponding to your meridian imbalances.

Having said that, you are living here in the physical world even if you are aware of the pattern and the solution. That may make you feel like you are not advancing. What are you telling to yourself then? “I have no way of going beyond this point”. “I can only give it up, again”. That would brings you feeling of entrapment.

In the area of sociology and psychology, when you are climbing the corporate ladder, it is said that some women or minority people feels discriminated or unfairy treated that they cannot proceed after certain point and the feeling is express as Glass Ceiling. One research claims that “the glass does not exist but naturally women tend to think that they want to commit the family rather than work compared to the male counterpart”. Does the glass ceiling exit in the corporate world? Or does YOUR self-talk stop you?

By HSK kinesiology, I choose this Kinesi-aroma to help us balance the feeling.

TAO 2 Support (governing meridian)
Click here for the poem of Kinesi-aroma

Let’s look at the governing meridian metaphors in Touch for Health pocket book with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors.
What transitions are you coping with, or do you need to make?
What subtle or dramatic shifts in energy allocation are you making or do you need to make?
How can you transition or transform your burden so that it is helpful and not hindering you?

Today, let’s meditate while visualizing using these the following affirmation that We are receiving supports from outside source:
“Thank you, higher-self. Thank you, Universe. ARIGATO that I am receiving all the support I need to live the life I want.”

HSK Kinesiology

Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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