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〝At my garden〟

Field and Prosper!!

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Prosper!! and gardening. Whatever you do, you must want it before you act for it. That is one of many reasons why I think the Law of Attraction is logical.

In our second “gardening year”, I get a hang of the tilling. Our unbreakable clay-like ground is broken down into the soil. When we planted germinated seeds of green peas, we still thought it felt more like clay than the soil. It is better now than before but there are efforts to be made. It is not like tilling repeatedly, but the process of preparing natural and organic soil improvements.

The last translation work was about the land improvement project report of the designated district started between WWI and WWII. Everyone knows the importance of the technical jargon according to the subject and I recognized that I was the farthest person from agriculture. I was so ignorant as to seeds that we buy, the food that we eat, how they are distributed and examined.

I was so ignorant about the name of farming equipment. For example, “harrow” was one of the words I read in old tales. I did not know how it looks. It seems nobody calls it in Japanese but in katakana when it is used with the tractor. As a human being rather than a translator, how could one live in the society so far away from the farming process, by which we get what we eat.

In one document I searched yesterday, major crops grown around the world are said to be wheat, maze, rice and cotton. In the world over, those who engaged in the farming business are small-scale families. Each nation, prefecture or municipality manages them collectively. Agriculture is the very important industry and efforts are necessary from nation and collective individuals. I would always like to be someone who understands the production environment of the food we eat in a country where the agriculture is flourishing.

Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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