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〝Steam Barrel〟


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RAKUre. Steam Barrel.
The steam barrel is the thoroughly dried old whiskey barrel of 60 to 70 years and remodeled for a sauna. Inside the barrel, you will find the baked on carbon that maximizes the far infrared ray effect. Your neck and above comes outside the barrel, and that is why you can comfortably enjoy the sauna of approximately 100 degrees Celsius (60 degrees of the body surface temperature) for 30 to 40 minutes.

The body fat percentage is reduced surprisingly by 1.5~3% in one session. This rate of metabolism is considered equivalent to approximately 30-km running.

I recommend the steam barrel when you have a signal from your body, e.g., stiff shoulders, chronic fatigue, lower back pain, early onset of cold or mild inflammation.

If the tarot cards or angel cards suggested you to detox or have massage, I would also recommend the steam barrel to help you with that.

Even if you were born from the same parents, your immunity is never the same with anyone because of differences in a way you perceive things, the length and quality of sleep and the food you eat every day. That is why each person must be treated differently even seemingly a same sign may be showing.

RAKUre’s products and services are selected and absorbed by your body and give the feedback to the owner of the body (you) what the result is. One young woman from north where people are known to have the porcelain-like skin came for a steam sauna. After the session, her skin was as if radiating a light from within. When another lady took a steam sauna, her face is lifted up and becomes even prettier.

If you were with an underlying condition and a pain, the steam sauna helps your blood circulation and you would know that your body ached actually in wider area but the body did some trick so that you would feel ok to go about the daily business and let only one body part scream for help. This is often seen among people with the serious chronic lower back problem. Instead of your lower back, you feel the pain often on and around your shoulders.

Your muscle mass, bone quantity and base metabolism are all increased and you will maintain the elevated condition for next 24 hours. Increased base metabolism means your body eliminates waste matters and toxins. You have a good chance to get rid of seed of serious illness by repeating the steam sauna session.

If you would expect to release stress by engaging in some type of activities, it is very much recommended to relax first by resting your body in a barrel sauna. Your body is a vehicle that you drive. Drive with care.

Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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