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〝TAO 1. Growth〟

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HSK Kinesiology. The seed of psychological stress.

TAO 1. Growth Kinesi-Aroma
“It is OK to let off the steam once in a while. Your friends and family are worrying about you for being too hard on yourself”

Click here for the poem of Kinesi-aroma R in Japanese 

    Even since I heard that Michael Phelps, the gold medalist of this year’s Rio Olympics, visualizes himself winning his race every night before he goes to sleep in the book called Heros by Rhonda Byrne via Audible, I am willingly exercising visualization. I visualize myself succeeding in what I would like to offer for the benefit of others.

    I write my dream at the back of the daily calendar of the past dates, and imagine what the success feels like. I feel bad sometimes in the process. When I am visualizing myself reaching rather an elusive goal, I feel great. When I am visualizing myself producing high-quality deliverables in the business which I am already active and competing, I only feel pressure.

    What is it that makes me suffer? I looked Kinesi-aroma R for answer and I got No. 1 Tao.
    Let’s also look to Central meridian metaphors from “Touch for health pocket book with Chinese 5 element metaphors”.

      Central meridian metaphors

      What do you need to let go of, particularly some small, subtle thing, that worked for youin the past but is not useful now?
      What burden or weight needs to be removed from your life?
      How do you envision the burden?
      Is it a heavy load, a mass of chains, a person?

    Touch for Health pocket book with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors

    A few days ago, Mr. Tony Robbins, the famous life coach, said something like “you must have someone who worked together well before but no longer contacting. Phone that someone to touch base”. The purpose is “to acknowledge that there must be a little misunderstanding or something to stop you from contacting each other. As a leader, tell him or her that you are not back to continue the s*it game. You two had a good time before the falling-out. Let’s choose to remember what worked between you”. The phone call is about networking.

    I thought it made sense. I sent messages to a few people via LINE. I reconnected with someone beautifully, but with not all of them. This exercise showed me what sort of grudges I held against those few people.

    That echoes with the poem of Kinesi-aroma R; “It is OK to let off the steam once in a while. Your friends and family are worrying about you for being too hard on yourself”. We all should do our best but before and after the work, we also should breathe deeply and let the residual energy out of our body.

    Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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