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〝Fula Cotton® and odor〟


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    Q & A of Fula Cotton R Part 2

    Why must we replace after one month if used in the shower?

    The essence of Fula cotton is the surface characteristics of hand-span threads. Under the microscope, you would see fluffy texture. By the time the fluffy texture is lost, water absorbency reduces, which is the best feature of Fula cotton, and the tenderness to touch is lost. For the reason, the ground rule is to replace after one month if used in the shower every day, after two weeks if you had an atopic dermatitis, or if used to remove makeups. After the first phase, be advised to use it to clean dishes, rooms or a car. After that, be advised to put it under the ground. It would dissolve and improve the soil.

Excerpt from Fula’s document

One of the questions frequently asked was about the body odor, if no shampoo or body soap was used. I am not going to lie. I was worried about it myself.

That is explained in the book, “Hair Grows Back Once You Stop Using Shampoo (hair loss, hair thinning, dried hair are all result of “too much washing)” by Dr. Ryuichi Utsugi, the director of Utsugi-Style Clinic. I will quote here.

      Unpleasant Odor Fades Away

      The sources of the odor are fatty acid and peroxidized fat that are oxidized sebum, ammonia, sulfide, etc. You can wash off these sources of odor by water. If it was immediately after you stopped using shampoo, and your scalp was still secreting the sebum, you could be conscious about the odor if you have longer and when your hair was oily. Wait for four to five months after you stop using shampoo, that is when your sebum secretion amount decreases and sebaceous gland is shrunk, then you would not care any longer. Of course, some of you would feel the change earlier than that. Either case, I have never noticed unpleasant odor from the people who gave up shampoo.

      If you get closer the head about 20 to 30 cm to sniff, you would notice the slight smell of sebum secretion. However, it is not unpleasant. You should distinguish that from the harmful and oxidized oil. Who among us is totally odorless? No one.

      To totally deodorize the slightest odor is sick and it is not right.

      Apart from sebum or sweat, hair and scalp attracts water solvent stains, e.g., pollen, dust or oil solvent stains, e.g., flying oils, car exhaust. Water solvent stains sure can be washed off by water. Even the most of oil solvent stains can be washed off if the water temperature is raised a little bit. If you washed most of oil solvent stains, it would better be considered enough.

      There is no point of pouring poison of shampoo into 100,000 super-sized pores on your scalp to completely clean stains. It is worse than no point because it increases the secretion amount of sebum, kills normal bacterial flora only to spoil your scalp or hairs and increases odor.

    “Hair grows back once you stop shampooing (hair loss, hair thinning, dried hair are all result of “shampooing too much)”
    by Dr. Ryuichi Utsugi, the director of Utsugi-Style Clinic

    I would recommend “Fula-sora 4” to use in your bath time. When you lie down in the tub, fold the towel in 4 and put it on your head or face and breathe slowly. You would feel so relaxed.

    My feet are often sore. I wrap my feet with the towel in the tub. It feels as if I am in the paradise. The joy of taking a bath is not only to freshen up but to relax. It does not make you stay longer in the bath. You would feel your blood circulating and your stiff neck is no longer stiff and the wrinkled skin is plumped up from inside. That is the joy I would like to share with you.

    Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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