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Fortune-calling Tsuyako make-up

The moment when I apply “Fortune-calling tsuyako make-up”,  my home and the world changed completely.  The power of “fortune-calling tsuyako make-up” really hit me. I would never breathe without “Fortune-calling tsuyako make-up”.

CAFE kinesi is “Kinesiology practicable in a Cafe”.

Kinesiology therapy for anyone, anywhere. The fastest stress relief in the world.  

Steer you mind with Cafe Kinesi

Clean up your intestine

Sleek hair invites God’s help

Supple faces invite friends’ help

Shinny shoes invite ancestor’s help

‐ Hitori Saito, A phrase a day for Reiwa –

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Since 2015

- Since 2015 -

Our Story

Have you ever heard of “a single cause in all cases of disease” theory?

The following excerpt is from one of many Hitori-san’s speech:

“Clean intestine makes blood clean. Clean blood makes cells clean. Clean cells make your body clean, which make you healthy. At the same time,  although germs or virus may attack, your body can neutralise as long as you have good immune system.”

When you think of cleansing intestines, many of you might find yourself in a state where you must watch your health no matter what. it’s important to watch what to put into your mouth. However, if you change your diet to vegetarian/vegan, it can improve only up to 15%. Your thought method defines the remaining 75%.

Yes, admittedly, i thought in disbelief what is good in changing my thought method when I am ill or in pain. I know, but I recommend “three good things”. Now I believe in changing thoughts to change the physical body. Hitori-san and his equally famous deciples suggest “three gratitutes” to appreciate. 

DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DO FOR  “THREE GRATITUDES”? IT IS A SORT OF EXERCISE TO “APPRECIATE A COUNTRY, ANY OF THINGS NEAR YOU AND A LIVING SOUL”. First, appreciate a city/town/country or the earth, in which you live. Second; appreciate any thing you conveniently use; Third, appreciate a life that lives this moment.

Mind (kokoro) changes constantly (korokoro) and that is said to be reason why it is called “mind (kokoro)”. Fear creeps in when you are not thinking anything intentionally. We seem not be cheerful unless you “light up” your mind. If you find yourself unable to appreciate your surrounding, NOTICE YOURSELF that your mind lost light.

Is it difficult? Don’t worry. Open your door and step out. Feel the air outside, sit down on your heel by the ally, and feel the nature close to you. You will see so many to appreciate. If you have some time, go take a walk. YOU MIGHT FEEL SO GRATEFUL THAT your eyes can see. Wouldn’t you feel “lucky”? YOU ARE ALIVE THIS MOMENT, YOUR BODY IS MOVING, how greate is that!  

I create Haiku to express my appreciation towards the earth as part of three gratidudes. Please check my blog post, if you have time. I am writing about Marukan products, too.