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〝Roxanne The Police〟



Throwback Thursday
Roxanne The Police

When our parents divorced, our mother took the sole custody of my baby brother and I. Our mother later repeated one more drama like that and we moved to Tachikawa City, Tokyo. The city was the red-light district in 1950’s but when we moved nearly or around 1990, the city was cleaned up. I remember that she moaned as if someone else pushed her to live in the up-and-running red-light district. I reached my adolescence.

Roxanne is the song of a young man who fell in love with Her who sold her body for money every night in the place where the red-lights were lit. When I came across this song, I was still at my tender age. It felt as if each and every cell in my body resonated. I have never worked in the line of business but I knew what Roxanne thought as if it was my own thoughts. I knew the bitterness when she had to push away a man’s love because he was innocent. I knew the pain on her body as mine. It was a weird feeling.

Several years later, I met a professional medium who passed me the message from the super natural world. The prostitute in New Testament came and said to me “you are saved”. She also said “you will meet the person whom you washed feet before”.

Several more years later, I fell in love with a man. I stopped searching for a “soulmate” after I met him.

It was our mother who decidedly moved to a former red-light district with her children. It was only a former red-light district but she could not stop herself from advertising its past. Because of that, I remembered my past life living and working in the area in fragments. I fell in love a several years ago and I did everything I could for two of us to be happy. Recently, I sensed my karma of “the sort” was balanced back to zero and my burden was lifted. It felt like an assurance that the man whom I fell in love with was a soulmate with an assignment.

A few days ago, I saw Sting, the frontman of the Police in one episode of a HBO’s comedy series as a guest. My karma was heralded by Roxanne and balanced. Before I forget what this song meant to me, I received the message this way. That was cool.

Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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