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〝Father Healing – Tarot Tuesday〟

Tarot card

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Tarot Tuesday
Card of the week to clean up your vibe

Father Healing
“Your personal power increases as you give any father-related issues to Heaven.”

Say the following affirmation. Simply decide to be free of any old anger, grief or fear related to your male parent.

    I now focus on the love that is the spiritual truth of my father, and I hereby balance any karma between us. I now let go of everything but the love and the lessons of my relationship with my father.

We all are raised by one parent/parent figure or two. We cannot help but be influenced by our parents. Even if they passed way or drifted apart, we are connected to them in a way of not being where they should.

    Universal energies are either male or female. Male energy is expansive and giving. Female energy is nurturing and receptive. If we’re unhealed with respect to our father, the Universe seems to be ungenerous. If we’re unhealed toward our mother, we won’t accept the gifts the Universe offers us. (Quoted from Guidebook for Magical Mermaids and Dolphins)

Let’s meditate on the above affirmation. Sit down on a chair. If you can, sit cross legged on the floor. Breathe in through your nose, consciously expanding your stomach by bringing sacral chakra forward. Air is filled in your lower lungs. Next, breathe in through your mouth, consciously expanding your upper lungs by pushing your rib cage outward. Relax your muscle when you breathe. Slowly breathe out through your mouth for about twice as long as breathing in. To regulate your exhalation, emit hah sound. Repeating this sequence 8 to 10 times, and you would meditate for approximately 2 minutes.

Now, you physically changed your body, therefore your mind is no longer the same. Let’s get on with the week by telling yourself “sorry, I did not know I still held grudges against you, Dad”.

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Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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