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Wellness Wednesday
Let’s reclaim your health with KOTOSUGI but without medicine.

    Immediate improvement in Homoglobin A1C

    Currently, many diabetic patients are taking KOTOSUGI essence by acquiring voluntarily or by recommendation from doctors all over Japan.
    More on this later, but that words of gratitude are said to be pouring in and stating that blood glucose levels are immediately normalized even though diet or administration of medication did not.
    I am one of those who experienced the improvement of diabetes by taking KOTOSUGI essence.
    Hemoglobin A1C, that is the prediabetic index before the diabetic is diagnosed, is also stabilized immediately. I might add that SOTOSUGI essence does not only lower blood glucose levels but also works to regulate it.
    Once the blood glucose level is regulated to normal range, the condition is maintained.
    You need not worry to induce hypoglycemia which is the worrying side-effect of the drug therapy for diabetes.
    Moreover, a polyp sized approximately 5 cm was found on my rectum, but it did not turn into cancer, was safely operated, removed and cured by taking KOTOSUGI essence.

Tetsuro Okano, Associate Professor and Doctor of Immunology is quoted from the seminar material

    Mr. Radha Gopalan, the doctor of cardiology, Mr. Suniel Jain, the doctor of naturopath and medical student, Miss Nicle Srednicki appeared one day on Rich Dad Radio Show hosted by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. They were invited to talk about the medical expenses is number one reason why middle class Americans go bankrupt.

    Both doctors are sitting on America’s top. They both said “medicines do not cure, a body does. When a body cures, medicines assist the body in a process”. They also said “ailment develops and pains are felt under stresses. Meditate to manage the stress”.

    Detox is said to take a huge role. Air we breathe. Water we drink. Food we eat. Lotion we put. Toxins come into our body from everything.

    The body cures diabetes, not medicines
    The body cures hepatitis, not medicines.
    The body cures cancer, not medicines.

    Include KOTOSUGI in your lifestyle choice. It works to regulate your body condition to a moderate state.

      Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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