Holistic living: Mindset, lifestyle choices and care for the environment

〝Good life begins with a piece of cloth〟


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Good life begins with a piece of cloth.
Join us.

    Nice to meet you. We are Fulanowa-Kai.

    Furanowa-Kai is the group of people who loves traditional cloths named “Fula” that is the natural cotton grown, picked and span organically.

    It begins when people come together to create the society that makes all of us enjoy the fine quality of life by learning ecology from various perspectives to detox people and earth environment.

    Use it to remove stains off of your skin or dishes without using cleaning agent.
    Wear it to feel good and for deep comfort.
    Bury it after worn-out as organic soil fertilizer and return to soil.

    By using a piece of cloth, what we learnt from environmentology, sociology, biology, economics and preventive medicine came all together. It was clear to us that anyone of us can understand ecology easily and comfortably in our day-to-day living and walk the talk.

    This is how Fulanowa-Kai has started.
    While adding inventive ideas to the basic use, growing natural cotton and learning to spin and weave, we endeavor to expand this circle by pass on our philosophy to detox “people and earth environment by the natural cotton” to one more person.

Excerpt from the document of Fulanowa-Kai

It is just great that you inevitably subtract the excess, thanks to a piece of Fula cloth. Subtractions. It gives you a feeling of lightness as if succeeded on your weight control regiment or de-clattering. You might have been adding one after another to make spots, wrinkles or pains disappear, but no more. You know things are no longer necessary.

I used to wake up in a middle of the night during Hinoki or ragweed pollen season. I sewed a face mask from Fulasora 1 and wore it. That was the end of the story. I did not wake up on the night. It gave me a reason to get off the meds. Admittedly, there were times I used some ointment and the sort to ease itchiness and uncomfortableness. I, then, saw my detox process visually on the discoloration of Fula’s mask where my nose and upper lip come to contact with. Now cedar and Hinoki pollen season is approaching, but I am not worried at all.

Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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