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Gratitude Weekend

I am a Idris Elba fan. He must be known among Japanese people as a lead actor of LUTHER. Omaze seems to be an organization to raise fund for charities with participation of celebrities.

I found this project to raise fund by selling the raffle tickets. The winner will spend the magical Valentine night with Idris Elba. It is the charity fund raiser to support W. E. (Women Everywhere) Can Lead to provide young girls to receive educational opportunities, leadership development, mentorship support necessary to become the new generation of female leaders across the continent of Africa.

I bought a raffle ticket worth US$25 and received a digital photo of Idris. If you are interested, you can pay US$25,000 for the highest ticket and receive The Dark Tower premiere tickets for two, in which Idris appears. If I had that kind of money though, I would spend it for my own project “to grow, harvest, spin organic cotton in Tagaytay, Philippines and sell threads to heal us and our planet and provide employment opportunity for local people in the process”. I may be in agreement for a charity project but I would be decent for what I have.

I loved going to school. I had been bullied alright, but I left my dysfunctional family for school to see my friend, study my favorite subjects and dreamt badly to be independent in my soonest. If I had no opportunity to go to school, I am not here today. I would never choose a life without opportunity to attend any form of school. I donated because I would want everyone to go to school. Under a certain circumstance, someone may decide not to attend, but that is not the point. I would always be on the giving side of educational opportunities.

What did I get in exchange to $25? Like I said, I received a digital photo of Idris from Omaze. In it, he holds a vase of red roses and a signboard saying THANKS FOR DONATING! And I am dreaming. I am at a hotel somewhere in U.K., wearing a beautiful dress and large earrings with stones. I am putting my arm around Idris’ arm, stepping into a restaurant. On the way, he sees how tensed I am and says to me “You look wonderful tonight”.

We all can dream our dream no matter how old we are. Thanks for a wonderful dream.

Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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