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Tarot Tuesday
Clean up your vibe with card of the week

    Six of Ariel

    Material needs get fulfilled in magical and unexpected ways.
    Acts of kindness.
    Giving or receiving with a grateful heart.

    In Archangel Power Tarot Card, the suit of Ariel represents the material world. These cards deal our daily part of living, including physical health, pursuing education or careers and the planet on which we reside. Archangel Ariel has powers of manifestation and love of the world’s animals and the environment.

We, earth angels, are probably careful for what you give and what you receive as we learn that we are (were) in the codependency relationship and learning to act assertively in a way to take care of your needs and others objectively.

This card says that your needs get fulfilled, so give and receive with grateful heart. It is OK that you are more careful than before. The problem was how you gave and took. You do not have to stop the act of giving and receiving entirely.

You sold sympathy to be loved in the past. Start to sell the dream of your life to get your life fulfilled. Give and receive something good for all of us. The lady in the symbolism, who appears to be Ariel, wears a pink dress. Pink neutralize the negativity. Whatever you are pointed by, it is safe for you to take it because of the neutralizing power of pink. Let’s just do a little makeover and give back something nicer.

Angel Card Reading 

Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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