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〝Stevie Wonder〟



Throwback Thursday.
Don’t you worry about a thing by Pharrell and Ryan Tedder

It is originally Stevie Wonder’s tune but I heard Incognito’s rendition first.

    Don’t you worry about a thing

    Everybody’s got a thing
    But some don’t know how to handle it
    Always reachin’ out in vain
    Accepting the things not worth having but

    Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
    Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, mama
    Cause I’ll be standing on the side
    When you check it out

Stevie Wonder

    Isn’t it what Archangel Michael would have said to me?

    Both Stevie Wonder and Pharrell who performs in today’s video are known to be synaesthetic. They are said to see colors and patterns when they hear music or sound. I wonder what they see when they sing this particular song.

      Everybody needs a change
      A chance to check out the new
      But you’re the only one to see
      The changes you take yourself through

    So I decided to open my third eye wide and shut my two physical eyes half and enter into the sea of life again. I had been in my dry clothes on the boat, I thought.

    Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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