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〝awakening (13)〟


Awakening (13) My disgust towards remoras began to show in my attitude, the words I said or write.

One girl was promoted to a general manager’s position out of the blue without achieving anything spectacular. We all tried hard to keep up with the daily challenges. It was not just her. For a reason unknown to us, her effort was recognized. It was like a nightmare, punishment or inconvenient truth for many of us. There is a promotion like that at times, by which you are disappointed and want to clean up your desk and CV to look for another opportunity elsewhere.

She was the realization of “mediocre”. No one found her interesting professionally. Apparently she knew it herself. She tried hard and fell short but everyone else was civil about her being dull and uninteresting. She then had chosen me as her touchstone. She was so desperate to know what I thought she was.

She was said to be born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But she smelled bad, dressed in very good quality of clothes very poorly. Plus, she smiled sheepishly. The agenda of her meeting request was crappy at best. How could the meeting of this minuscule scale could be accommodated? My boss was the busy person and we made a joke that President Obama of U.S. would have more private time than my boss.

I am sorry now that I did not discern what she really wanted. What we did to each other was one form of the law of attraction in the bigger form of the same law. She was exactly the person whom she was afraid to be. That was why she found me. We both had a problem of continuous self-chatting in our head telling “I am not worthy”.

Be assertive, Do what you want. Love life. Your happy vibe makes people and our planet happy!
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